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Advancement in technology led to the integration of cameras into our cell phones and that led to the trend of ‘capturing every moment’ with cell phone-bestowed cameras, which has caught on like fire. While the cameras of our cell phones might not take the most impressive pictures in the world, however they do a pretty good job at taking decent everyday shots.

However, since the most commonly used phones today are touchscreens, it can therefore be really hard to tap the spot that controls the shutter at exactly the right place. Some phones do have a dedicated button on the side, but even that can be sometimes hard to reach, depending on how you’re holding it. What’s worse is that when you do try and hit the button, you often move the whole camera, disturbing the angle from which you were hoping to take the picture, ultimately resulting in a blurry shot.

What if you were able to control the camera from another simple device? If you like the idea then what you need is the Audiovox ShutterBall device.



  • Bluetooth Remote Shutter for your Smartphone camera – Take perfect pictures!
  • One-button shutter control up to 60’ away
  • Perfect for selfies or group photos
  • Places shutter control in your free hand for blur-free shots
  • Control for still camera or video camera on smartphone
  • BT Low Energy for longer than 5 year battery life
  • BONUS mini stand/easel included!

Introduced at the Computex 2013 Computex show, the Shutter Ball is a very convenient solution for your problem eliminating the need for awkward angles and blurry shots! The ShutterBall is a remote Bluetooth shutter for Android and iOS smartphones. Using the Smart Shutter app, you’ll be able to set up your phone up to 60 feet away and snap a picture by pressing the handheld ShutterBall. That should help you keep it classy. The ShutterBall even comes with an easel stand for your smartphone, without which the ShutterBall would be nearly unusable.

Lightweight in design, it can also be used as a charm. It is fairly simple to use as well, all you need to do is install a dedicated camera application via Bluetooth pairing and work wonders with your photography.

The ShutterBall uses a coin cell battery, and has a 5-year battery life. It is confirmed to work with the iPhone 5, 4, 4S, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Gen, and the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note. Unfortunately information on pricing or availability has not been revealed yet.

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